Your customers are 64% more likely to buy after watching a marketing video

We script, shoot, and launch video ads for small businesses

Video ads could be your most powerful marketing tool

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The average person spends 100 minutes watching videos EVERY DAY. 

You could be getting LOTS of eyeballs on your products with a great video campaign.


One-third of all online activity consists of people watching videos. You may have a website. You many have social media. 

But are you harnessing the power of online videos to drive sales?


If video marketing isn’t part of your strategy, you’re missing 100% of the sales you could have picked up with powerful video ads.

Be a small business guru

Video advertising will take your business to the next level.

Broader audience

Video ads reach across all demographics so you can get your message out to a highly diversified audience.

Increased likelihood of buying

Consumers are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video about a product or service.*

Great bang for your buck

Targeted video ads get your message in front of motivated customers who are more likely to purchase your products. That gets you a better return for every dollar you invest into video advertising.

Your Video Marketing Guide

Chris Miller

Owner and Operator


Here's the Plan


Start Your Project

During this step, we’ll strategize our way to a script that matches your goals.


Schedule Your Shoot

We’ll gather all the footage we need to put together your video ad. After the shoot, we’ll edit together your video, audio, music, and graphics.


Launch Your Campaign

Once your video is finalized we’ll help you launch your campaign on your website and on your social media pages.


$ 2500
  • Script created using Storybrand principles
  • Background music
  • Logo and contact info
  • Footage of scripted speech OR scripted voiceover
  • B-roll footage of the business in action


$ 4000
  • Script created using Storybrand principles
  • Background music
  • Logo and contact info
  • Footage of scripted speech OR scripted voiceover
  • B-roll footage of the business in action
  • Footage of product/service demonstration

High Impact

$ 5000
  • Script created using Storybrand principles
  • Background music
  • Logo and contact info
  • Footage of scripted speech OR scripted voiceover
  • B-roll footage of the business in action
  • Footage of product/service demonstration
  • Enhanced cinemetography (more action, camera angles, drone footage, etc.)

Projects that require special equipment, hiring additonal talent, or traveling more than 50 miles from Berlin, Ohio, will incur extra fees.

Grow your small business with simple but effective video ads

So, you’re a small business owner who’s hustling for all you’re worth. With only so much time and money, you’ve got to make every second and every dollar count. We get that and salute you for your hard work.

Video ads work – they REALLY work. And they could be the key to taking your business to the next level. So, what’s holding you back?

Oh, that’s right…

there are no marketing agencies to help you. Small agencies don’t offer video production (if they do, it’s far from their primary focus). And big agencies are just too expensive for small businesses to afford.

So, if you want to use video advertising, it’s up to you to figure it out—no wonder the very idea seems overwhelming.

Brantbury Studio believes that small business owners deserve great video ads they can afford. We’ve invested deeply to learn video advertising from the best so that we can be your small business video guide.

Here’s the plan: 

First, let’s “start your project.” In this stage, we’ll work together to plan out your video ad. We’ll figure out how to best use video ads to help you reach your unique goals for your unique business. We’ll also nail down a simple but effective script.

Second, we’ll “schedule your shoot.” At your shoot, we’ll gather all the footage we need to piece together your ad. After the shoot, we head back to the editing room to bring together your video and audio clips, your graphics, and your background music.

Third, we’ll “launch your campaign.” During this step, we’ll work with you to get your video campaign launched online and on social media. We provide one hour of coaching for free with each campaign. If you’d rather have us manage your video ad campaign for you, we do that as well for a fee. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your video ads get off the ground.

Ready to get started? We’d love to work with you. Click here to fill out the “Start Your Project” form. We’ll get right back to you as soon as we can!

Now you can stop missing out on a huge marketing opportunity and start reaching a bigger, more motivated target market.



Frequently Asked Questions

A: Focus on results, not activity. Are you busy selling the right things to the right people? Focused advertising helps you sell your high-profit products to motivated customers so you can steward your time and money in the best direction for you and your business.

A: You can spend as little as three hours of your own time working with us.

  • 1 hour planning with us
  • 1 hour shooting your part
  • 1 hour reviewing your ad

     We do the rest!

     Of course, if you want to spend more time working with us, we’re happy to have you.

A: No. We can find someone to be your spokesperson (a salesman, for example). Or we can hire a voiceover actor who speaks for you. You don’t need to be in your video ad.

A: Shooting your own videos on your cell phone for everyday social media posts makes a lot of sense. (We offer on-site workshops during which we teach you how to level up your cell phone videos.)


However, a solid video marketing strategy should include highly-produced ads because they get more customer engagement. But these types of ads can be tough for small businesses to pull together.


Here’s why you want to work with us to create your highly-produced ads:


First, our equipment can capture better video and audio than your cell phone. Your phone camera is perfect for making less-produced videos for everyday social media posts. But cell phone cameras have limits that will keep you from making really eye-catching videos.


Second, our editing software gives us more flexibility and creativity than your phone’s video editing app. Your phone video editor makes creating videos easy. But that means having to settle for limited editing options. It’s those little tweaks that can make or break a video.


Third, making an effective video ad takes more than just a fancy camera and a nice mic. When making video ads, it’s crucial to write an engaging script, to get the videography details just right, and to make precise edits. It’s hard work and takes a lot of practice to get right.

A: It’s all about how you get people to see your content.


Facebook and Instagram let you create posts for free, but it’s up to you to get people to see those posts by persuading users to like and follow your page. Using social media in this way is part of an “inbound marketing strategy” in which you reach out to potential customers who are already familiar with your business or your product offerings.


If you opt to pay for advertising, Facebook and Instagram will place your ad in the feed of users who you decide to target. This is an outbound marketing strategy in which you reach out to potential customers who probably don’t know about your business or your product offerings.


Businesses usually benefit by using both types of marketing.


Inbound marketing builds loyalty and trust to your brand by organizing a community around your business and by offering information that adds value to potential customers’ lives. Inbound marketing is a long game and focuses more on persuading repeat customers to buy again. It makes sense for you to shoot your own inbound marketing/free social media posts. You need more of these posts and you’re reaching out to people who you’ve mostly already convinced to trust your business.


Outbound marketing builds brand and product awareness by getting customers’ eyeballs on your name, logo, and product offerings. This is more of a short game and focuses more on persuading customers to buy from you for the first time. It makes more sense to for you to hire a video agency like Brantbury to shoot your outbound marketing/paid social media ads. You only need a handful of these ads, and you’re reaching out to people who are judging your business for the first time, so you need to look your best.

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