About Us

I’m Chris Miller. I own and operate Brantbury Studio. My wife and I live in Harrisburg, a small town in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon.


I studied history in college which equipped me with investigative skills. I use those skills to plan videos. “What makes this business different from its competition? What makes its products and services worth buying? What is the message that will connect best with its customers?” Questions like this uncover the fuel that makes powerful videos burn.


I spent the first ten years of my career as a teacher and principal at two different K-12 schools. I’ve spent thousands of hours at the business end of the classroom marketing history and English to middle and high school students. I loved teaching but decided to pivot to making videos because I also love to create.


I’ve worked in many small businesses over the years and have seen firsthand how busy owners can be as they manage operations. I would love to partner with you as a crucial piece of your marketing strategy.


My mission is to produce powerful videos that help unleash your full potential.

(541) 859-5914  |  chris.miller@brantbury.com

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